0.0cm x 0.0cm
Crash Bandicoot
(Travellers Tales / Universal)

First, I must point out that the cover art is not mine.

I worked as the Concept Artist on this game - drafted in as "Twinsanity" was initially going to be a Crash Bandicoot game set in space, where Crash had five strange alien worlds to explore

Half was through the project, the space theme was sadly dropped, with a preference to keep to the traditional feel of the earlier titles... yet I stayed on until the game was almost complete.

It was a fun project (if frustrating at times) to work on, with a great team of people, and I learnt lots about how computer games are brought to life - so much so, that I was inspired to then pursue a venture of my own, Lunartics - which I hope one day will be made into a game

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