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MOONALIENS began as a personal venture around my book jacket art, ever since watching the Apollo moon landings as a child. This inspired me to one day bring the moon to life - to create a magical "world" deep inside it.

If you can imagine a coconut or a football cut in half, the moon is like neither. The moon is not a solid mass like we thought. Deep inside, there is an exotic secret world - home to the universe's most colourful oddballs and misfits. 

200 unique characters already live in the moon, with many more arriving on a regular basis. Take a look also at  www.moonaliens.com

"The MoonAliens have all come from Danny's vivid imagination; some you would happily invite over for supper, whereas others you wouldn't want to meet on a dark night"

Arthur C Clarke  Colombo  Sri Lanka

Meet a very small selection of the MoonAliens.

Click on the images to view them in more detail.

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