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During my career as a professional artist, most of my paintings have been commissioned by UK Publishing Houses for the covers of paperback novels. This means, first of all, l have to read the book. It is then down to me to come up with an image that will both reflect the novel's content, as well as look eye-catching on a bookshelf.

"Never judge a book by its cover". Why do people say this? A well designed cover is crucial in helping with sales of a book. It's not as though we can stand in a shop all day and read a whole book before choosing to buy it or not. So yes, please judge a book by its cover... or at least be guided by it :-)

First, I always read the book. I tend to do lots of very loose thumbnail sketches; playing around with ideas and colour until I end up with a sketch that I feel is the strongest. I then send my "rough" to the art director of the Publishing House. Once approved, the fun can begin and then I'm free to start on the painting. It may take me a day or two using a soft pencil to map out my composition onto artboard, yet once this is done I can then begin with the colouring in bit.

I nearly always use acrylic paints, with patiently layered thin glazes of acrylic ink for the skies, done with my trusted Devilbis 63E airbrush. Paintings can take up to three weeks to paint, depending on their complexity, but it is always good to reach the 'finishing touches" stage (or Flynnishing touches as my friends call it). It's even better when one meets the deadline :-)

Most of my book-jacket "original" paintings I tend not to sell, but I will if the price is right. To be honest, I don't like to part with them, especially as many of the paintings were commissioned for some of the grand masters of Science Fiction; including Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Sir Arthur C Clarke. I have been saving as many of my originals as l can, as l plan to have a major exhibition of both my book-jacket art and my My Moon (my current project) over the next few years.

Professionally at the moment, most of my time is taken up with My Moon venture, yet I do have a yearning to produce some new fantasy landscape paintings. Also, I may be adding a selection of My Moon drawings and concept art for sale exclusively on this site.

Meanwhile, limited edition prints are available of just about all my paintings. All prints are numbered and signed, and come with a certificate of authenticity. As for the framing, I feel that's best for you to decide... yet I'm happy to offer suggestions if you email me via the site

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