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( image area is A4 with bleed for limited edition number and Artist signature )
Cheebies Chattering
In ISKANORP, the Ice Moonzone

The Cheebie-zeebies are all in disagreement. Is today a day of snowballing, or is it time to start building yet another ice palace?

The last palace sadly melted, but then it had just been visited by the vile Vraggishes from Vovslovv, the Volcanic zone.

They had made a special journey - just to cause misery to the Cheebie-zeebies, who have never wanted to hurt the Vraggishes particularly.

Things are about to change though, as the Cheebie-zeebies are plotting revenge on the Vraggishes... long overdue


From a limited edition run of only 100 prints, signed and numbered by artist Danny Flynn

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