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( image area is A4 with bleed for limited edition number and Artist signature )
Moon River with a Bwaanurp

In SPLOOPLE, the Sea Moonzone

There is a famous song from a long time ago called "Moon River", which claims the river is wider than a mile. What nonsense!

Whoever wrote that song ( I think it was Matt Munro ) never did their research, as the moon river is in fact only half a mile wide.

An odd-looking Bwaanurp bird sits and ponders over fish and wriggly things. He even thinks about singing a song to attract a mate, though as far as we know he hasn't got any mates

Re the song "Moon River"

Apparently the song Moon River was written and composed by Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini. Mercer was responsible for the lyrics and Mancini was responsible for the music. It was most famously known as an Andy Williams song, though I'm sure Matt Monro sang it too. If he didn't then at least he sang Born Free, but the real Moon River in NOT wider than a mile :-)


From a limited edition run of only 295 prints, signed and numbered by Lunartics Artist Danny Flynn

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