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"The Moon Aliens have all come from Danny's vivid imagination; some you would happily invite over for supper, whereas others you wouldn't want to meet on a dark night"

Arthur C Clarke  Colombo  Sri Lanka

Mankind has only ever been able to buy things on planet Earth, yet things have changed. There is now a shop on the moon!

It is early days, but the shop already has Limited Edition Prints. There are many characters to chose from, but only 100 of each will ever be available!

Below is an example of how Fluffoe, Turzoles, Gimbagorkle and Skrinjen Toady limited edition prints look when framed.

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  1. dawn comerford avatar
    dawn comerford Mar 19, 2016

    hi danny i met you in Scunthorpe many years ago   when i used to go in the pub ‘The Star’ i was just just listening to ELO ‘Got a ticket to the moon’ when i thought about you and wondered how you were and what you were doing ? I typed in your name and artist in google and there you were you and your Artwork wow !and Mooneex and the how bizarre !! I just had to comment.